Feeling at Home at Home Harvest Cafe

Stonestead Devonshire Tea was one of Upper Hutt’s best kept secrets. Giant baked-to-order scones, chunky home made jam and tea in an old barn with the charm and style of times gone by.

The High Tea Honeys were regular visitors to Stonestead, nestled amongst the trees on Plateau Rd in Te Marua. Naturally, I was curious when I heard that it was going to be under new ownership. Will it still have that old-world charm? Is the offering going to shift away from the things that made it such a nostalgic and loved experience?

Is it still going to be a destination loved by the High Tea Honeys?

I am delighted to say that Stonestead Devonshire Tea, now known as Home Harvest Cafe delivers everything I loved about Stonestead and more.

The front of the barn has been freshened up, and the cafe’s beautiful french doors let natural light flood the space.

Upon entering, my eyes were instantly drawn to the small but full cabinet laden with scones, cakes and slices. In particular, an amazing pink and white hundreds and thousands layer cake took pride of place on a cake pedestal at the top of the cabinet.

The space itself has been transformed – modernised, but not so much that it lacks character. The mismatched furniture, floral upholstery, fine china, festoon lights and buckets of peonies and greenery maintain a rustic appeal.

I was pleased that Devonshire Tea is served in the same crockery as before – with your own pot of loose leaf T Leaf tea, a tiny milk jug, dish of jam and cream and a warm scone. I do miss the scones being baked to order – I didn’t mind waiting 15 minutes to be served a scone fresh out of the oven.

It was lovely to meet the family behind Home Harvest Cafe. The transformation has been a labour of love and I wish them every success.

I will be back, with the High Tea Honeys in tow for afternoon tea soon.

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High Tea Honeys – Invitations to VIP events and free tea stuff!

Happy Friday evening! If you’re not part of the High Tea Honeys meetup group and you haven’t been able to access the message board, this update is for you!  I am excited to announce some developments with the High Tea Honeys that hopefully you are just as excited about!

It will always be free to be a member of the High Tea Honeys, and now you’ll have the opportunity to get even more value out of being a member with our network of new partners. Get discounts off of tea related products, personal invitations to VIP events and get sent free tea stuff to try!

Right now, I can only communicate with you through Meetup or Facebook about these incredible things and all I know about you is your name. I will continue to post our events on meetup and use Facebook for general business but I would love to be able to communicate with you directly too, especially for special event invitations and free tea stuff from time to time!

Can you please take a moment to visit our Sign Up page and register some more info with me? The link is also here on our website under “Become a Honey“. It will only take a minute or two – I promise!

I can’t wait to share our first collaboration with you next week, so be quick to get your info in so you don’t miss out!

With love and tea,

Sam xx

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High Tea Honeys top 3 High Tea spots Wellington

I love it when we get messages from people planning their visit to Wellington, locals that have yet to experience High Tea or new High Tea Honeys’ members asking us for recommendations for High Tea spots in Wellington, generally to treat someone special or celebrate a special occasion.

I have my personal favourites but I put the question to our Honeys and in no particular order, here are our top three picks for High Tea destinations in Wellington.

The Lobby Lounge at The Intercontinental

Lobby Lounge Intercontinental High Tea Wellington

Image credit: http://www.thelobbylounge.co.nz/

High Tea at the Lobby Lounge of the Intercontinental is a central city treat. Along with elegantly prepared pastries, the exclusive TWG tea range is served in beautiful gold trimmed Cristina Re china adding to the luxuriousness of the experience.



Image credit: https://www.qthotelsandresorts.com/wellington/gallery/

The opulent ambience of Hippopotamus is second to none and the French inspired menu is exquisite. Dress up your High Tea experience with a glass of champagne for that extra special touch.

Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture


Image credit: https://www.louissergeant.co.nz/

In the heart of the city, nestled on a busy main street is Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture. Here your tastebuds will be whisked away to heaven. Every item is a work of art bursting with flavour. Be sure to purchase a couple of macarons on your way out the door to extend the experience all the way home.

Where have you been that you think should make this list?

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