Top Tips to Foolproof French Macarons

It’s early on a Saturday and I’ve been immersed in sticky sweet macaron batter all morning!

Fun fact: Did you know that macaron is pronounced ma-ca-ron? Many people confuse it with the pronunciation of shredded coconut based biscuits, ma-ca-roons!

My good friend and I spent some time figuring out how to perfect these beauties for my engagement party a few years ago and this recipe I’ll share with you below is my go-to, and the one I use for the High Tea Honeys macaron making workshops.

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Recipes beckon from note cards in your grandmother’s handwriting, splattered with batter.

The Vintage Table, Jacqueline de Montravel

One of my best friends has been busy. Check these babies out, Piña Colada cupcakes! Yum! Hopefully she will bring the recipe and we can make some for my engagement party!

One of my all time fave downtime activities, baking and decorating cupcakes. Yum! These ones are for a bake off at work tomorrow. Coffee & Walnut cupcakes with mocha frosting.