3 things to make hump day wonderful

Good morning honeys,

Happy hump day! Today I bring you 3 things to make hump day wonderful.

Shop Small: Buy good things from real people

First I am going to start by sharing the best thing to hit the internet this month and that’s a new collaboration of small kiwi businesses, all in one amazing place online! Shay, the founder of Shop Small found it frustrating trying to find local suppliers for the things she needed so thought it would be fab to bring them all together into a searchable site. Amazing!

Start your day with some indulgent online shopping and read the inspiring stories of real kiwi business people at www.shopsmall.co.nz

Bonbon Vegan

Oh my goodness, if you haven’t come across this range yet you need it in your bathroom ASAP. My beautiful friend Angela treated me to a small collection of Bonbon products that included choc mint body wash, salted caramel wax melts and pavlova body butter. It smells divine enough to eat! I stocked up on birthday cake body wash on Saturday – pink frosting like shower cream with confetti! So good!

View the gorgeous range at www.bonbonvegan.com

Tea Toddy

Finally, wind down your Wednesday with an Earl Grey Toddy. Trust me on this one.

1 cup Earl Grey tea
1 tsp sugar
1 shot Bailey’s Irish cream
1 dash Scotch whisky

Make tea as you usually do. Mix it with the sugar according to taste. Leave room in the cup for a dash of Baileys. Pour the baileys in according to taste, then, if you want, a dash of Whiskey if you want. Not too much though, as the drink won’t taste good.

Recipe care of www.drinksmixer.com

Enjoy, and indulge xx

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