Capturing moments in time

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my beautiful Grandmother, Wendy Bovey, and we shopped at the local Antique stores and secondhand shops until our hearts were content .

To me, antique stores are more than rooms full of bone china, porcelain, crystal, silver and glass, they have captured moments in time, every piece has a story whether or not we know it. I do think it is a shame that so much stuff gets lumped into auction without the background and history being properly understood. Too much emphasis is placed on the monetary value of items, money that is then spent on things that do not carry the same sentiment. If you have the opportunity to, spend time with your elders and learn about the items they treasure and why, you might just find yourself pleasantly intrigued.

Spending the time with my Grandmother was special in itself, as I picked up crystal bowls or glass perfume bottlles, she would explain to me how those were used for loose powder and that perfume didn’t necessarily come in attractive spritzer bottles back in the day so women would transfer them into bottles they treasured.

There were so many beautiful things, more than I could ever fit into cabinets in my home, plus I am more one for purchasing items that can and will be used so the only thing I let Grandma convince me that I needed by was this adorable cake set. Now, what kind of cake to bake…



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