High Tea Honeys top 3 High Tea spots Wellington

I love it when we get messages from people planning their visit to Wellington, locals that have yet to experience High Tea or new High Tea Honeys’ members asking us for recommendations for High Tea spots in Wellington, generally to treat someone special or celebrate a special occasion.

I have my personal favourites but I put the question to our Honeys and in no particular order, here are our top three picks for High Tea destinations in Wellington.

The Lobby Lounge at The Intercontinental

Lobby Lounge Intercontinental High Tea Wellington

Image credit: http://www.thelobbylounge.co.nz/

High Tea at the Lobby Lounge of the Intercontinental is a central city treat. Along with elegantly prepared pastries, the exclusive TWG tea range is served in beautiful gold trimmed Cristina Re china adding to the luxuriousness of the experience.



Image credit: https://www.qthotelsandresorts.com/wellington/gallery/

The opulent ambience of Hippopotamus is second to none and the French inspired menu is exquisite. Dress up your High Tea experience with a glass of champagne for that extra special touch.

Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture


Image credit: https://www.louissergeant.co.nz/

In the heart of the city, nestled on a busy main street is Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture. Here your tastebuds will be whisked away to heaven. Every item is a work of art bursting with flavour. Be sure to purchase a couple of macarons on your way out the door to extend the experience all the way home.

Where have you been that you think should make this list?

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3 things to make hump day wonderful

Good morning honeys,

Happy hump day! Today I bring you 3 things to make hump day wonderful.

Shop Small: Buy good things from real people

First I am going to start by sharing the best thing to hit the internet this month and that’s a new collaboration of small kiwi businesses, all in one amazing place online! Shay, the founder of Shop Small found it frustrating trying to find local suppliers for the things she needed so thought it would be fab to bring them all together into a searchable site. Amazing!

Start your day with some indulgent online shopping and read the inspiring stories of real kiwi business people at www.shopsmall.co.nz

Bonbon Vegan

Oh my goodness, if you haven’t come across this range yet you need it in your bathroom ASAP. My beautiful friend Angela treated me to a small collection of Bonbon products that included choc mint body wash, salted caramel wax melts and pavlova body butter. It smells divine enough to eat! I stocked up on birthday cake body wash on Saturday – pink frosting like shower cream with confetti! So good!

View the gorgeous range at www.bonbonvegan.com

Tea Toddy

Finally, wind down your Wednesday with an Earl Grey Toddy. Trust me on this one.

1 cup Earl Grey tea
1 tsp sugar
1 shot Bailey’s Irish cream
1 dash Scotch whisky

Make tea as you usually do. Mix it with the sugar according to taste. Leave room in the cup for a dash of Baileys. Pour the baileys in according to taste, then, if you want, a dash of Whiskey if you want. Not too much though, as the drink won’t taste good.

Recipe care of www.drinksmixer.com

Enjoy, and indulge xx

Afternoon Tea at The Langham, Auckland

It was only fitting to visit The Langham for afternoon tea on a crisp Spring day in the City of Sails.   

The decor was the first thing that blew me away – look at that chandelier!

The sweet tier. My favourite was the citrus cake pop. 

  We were advised to start with the sandwich tier. Simply perfect.
Savoury macarons! Although the shell was still sweet with a savoury filling. An interesting concept however I am not convinced, I believe macarons belong on the sweet tier. I also would have liked more diversity on this tier between cheese and seafood flavours with creamy textures. Isn’t the presentation gorgeous though?! 
  Put that pinky away! It’s not the done thing you know 😉  
The Langham has its very own Wedgwood tea set – beautiful! The tea menu was designed by The Langham’s exclusive tea sommelier, New Zealand’s only Master of Tea!

 The menu for those of you detail oriented people.
Overall, the experience was well worth the $59 each we paid on a Saturday afternoon. 


Sweet Lovers Unite

If your taste buds are as against the anti-sugar movement as mine, then rejoice in the fact that Sweet Bakery and Cakery has landed in Karori and that it’s as gorgeous as expected. 
My pick of the bunch was the salted caramel popcorn cupcake and the raspberry chocolate brownie.  

Pretty, fresh blooms and all – swoon!

Harney & Sons Paris Tea – only the best!

High Tea at The Emporium

I have discovered a treasure of a destination for High Tea on the outskirts of Levin.

The Emporium boasts an adorable gift shop with both new and preloved homewares, jewellery and clothing. Out the back of the shop is where you will find a quaint cafe where you can visit for lunch or afternoon tea. The whole place has a gentle, relaxing, Frenchy feel about it. It doesn’t take much to see that it is the dream of owners Terry and Andrea brought to life.

Before we were seated, we were shown to the cabinet to select our choice of trio set. A nice, personal touch I thought.

Because we booked for three, we were treated to a complimentary glass of sparkling grape juice on arrival, our tea order was taken and it wasn’t long before both the tea and food was brought out to the table.

The whole experience was a delight, the food was fresh and delicious. I will definitely be returning.


High Tea at The Emporium


First Tier: Pinwheels, cucumber sandwich, mince savoury and asparagus roll Second Tier: Scones with strawberry jam and cream Third Tier: Coconut rough and vanilla cupcakes with raspberry frosting


English Breakfast Tea and a Pinwheel on Royal Albert ‘Serena’

Capturing moments in time

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my beautiful Grandmother, Wendy Bovey, and we shopped at the local Antique stores and secondhand shops until our hearts were content .

To me, antique stores are more than rooms full of bone china, porcelain, crystal, silver and glass, they have captured moments in time, every piece has a story whether or not we know it. I do think it is a shame that so much stuff gets lumped into auction without the background and history being properly understood. Too much emphasis is placed on the monetary value of items, money that is then spent on things that do not carry the same sentiment. If you have the opportunity to, spend time with your elders and learn about the items they treasure and why, you might just find yourself pleasantly intrigued.

Spending the time with my Grandmother was special in itself, as I picked up crystal bowls or glass perfume bottlles, she would explain to me how those were used for loose powder and that perfume didn’t necessarily come in attractive spritzer bottles back in the day so women would transfer them into bottles they treasured.

There were so many beautiful things, more than I could ever fit into cabinets in my home, plus I am more one for purchasing items that can and will be used so the only thing I let Grandma convince me that I needed by was this adorable cake set. Now, what kind of cake to bake…